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A couple that are film enthusiast approached the studio to create a dramatic diorama of the film, “Iron Man.” We were shocked but at the same time interested in the inception of a project from a movie. I thought it was quite thought provoking and different.  

The concept was to create a house inspired by Brutalism – meaning the concrete rawness, the disparity between construction and function – all of these were case studies from the great Louis Kahn, Carlo Scarpa, and even socialist architectural movement in Brasilia such as Lina Bo Bardi – in this investigation this is a project of materiality. What we wanted really was to see the “skeletons” of the building; At first glance this minimalist house seemed arbitrary – but a concrete slab that was scanned and re-interpreted as a façade element inspired the perforated metal sheet. Rawness, irregularities, roughness and smoothness and sometimes anomalies in decay become the inspiration. The façade has its whimsy character to the rust steel tree assemblage looking like re-purposed bicycles seemed dropping in gravity, the waterfall feature with its chrome exterior but acts kind of montage of choreographing water. The most sensual of all of this architectural tectonics is really the peeling of the ceiling and its thinness and showing that the skeleton is more important than the skin. And if we go back to movie metaphors, as if a new Frankenstein monster was created – and it’s the very sensual and sensitive kind.



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