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A young couple approached the studio to create a space that is similar to their lifestyle of enjoying resort living. We wanted to create spaces that stack together with individual catered spaces for every family member. The heart of the project is that every room caters to the needs of the client. The couple wanted loft spaces while enjoying views of the pool. The daughter has fashion catwalk dressing room for her infinity of clothes and creating a diaspora of trajectory of mirrored spaces. The son having a mixed use living and working spaces as if boxes are intertwined with music room which the man of the house shares the same passion.  

The cool features of the house is really this exploded sticks that jots up in the house that becomes the chandelier at night, the very subliminal window view when submerged in the pool where you are swimming beside a sea of carps, and this very big brother surveillance beam that acts as both a “peeping tom” and a kind of architectural artifact that is the miniature version of the “light exploded chandelier,” These microscopic details in both void spaces in different scales in terms of viewing make this house not only a house of deduction but a house of sensual vantage points and projections.


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