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Carlo Calma Consultancy Inc. was incubated in 2009 for the need to push boundaries in design thinking, architectural practice and construction spearheaded by a diverse team of theorists, artists, architects and engineers.


The philosophy of the company looks at the potentials creative effort, local-engagement, client-response, and contexts of sites and spaces as either cultural phenomena or gearing towards Filipino identity. With locality and sensitive underlay of programmatic indexes and matrix we create architectural fictions and address issues in both corporate and private realm. This new way of thinking is creating new waves of enthusiastic architects to create new types of living, enigmatic resort spaces, new found objects turned bespoke apartments, seeds for change with commercial aspect - meaning creating a typology that is a dream turned into a reality.

We harness Filipino skills and ingenuity and craftsmanship- we encourage a path of encouragement with rigor, containment and locality. We continue to produce works of quality, excellence and with attention to details to further question the discourse of the analog and the digital- blurring the bounderies of art and architecture.


The Creative List: Art, Architecture, and Design

Architectural Provocateur: his preferred designation is on point, for the acclaimed architect never fails to provoke with his designs.

Tatler Asia

2021 Asia's Most Influential

The prodigious young architect Carlo Calma adds a distinct flare to the world of modern Filipino design.

Tatler Asia

Architect Carlo Calma on the dynamism of architecture

Provocation is a two-way street in Carlo Calma’s approach to architecture...

Noli Soli

Designer Outlook: Carlo Calma

Get design tips and learn more about how to make your house a home from industry expert, Carlo Calma.

Tatler Asia

Carlo Calma’s design mind is like no other—this house shows how

Ceilings of various heights define the spaces. Stark geometry is tamed by forms of nature, like lights resembling a flock of birds.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

In Conversation With: Carlo Calma, owner of Gallery Vask & Manifesto Gallerie

The impresario behind one of Manila’s hottest dining destinations at the moment, Carlo Calma is a whirlwind of infectious energy and an eclectic art lover.

Art Loft

Grammar of Movement: Juan Carlo Calma

Manila, Philippines - The “Grammar of Movement” series, a wood sculpture exhibit by Juan Carlo Calma, is an exploration in temporality through layering and gradation.

Philippine Star

Carlo Calma: On Architecture and Other Passions

Architect, interior designer, and visual artist Carlo Calma gives a peek into his life by sharing some thoughts on architecture and his other passions.

Tatler Asia

Monument is preserving our rich cultural heritage and giving it an adaptive re-use.

Monument is preserving our rich cultural heritage and giving it an adaptive re-use.

Future Architecture


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