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The client was very straightforward – he knew the entrance, he knew where he wanted windows and where would be the main door – if you have a client that is a know-it-all-kind-of-person what do you do? I say just hear and adjust since we are here in this industry to create happy clients.  

After this world-wind of romance – now its time to put our own stamp on it! The house is an extension of an existing house – brief was to create a symbiotic relationship and conversation of the existing house – even at its angled structure that only suggest the distorted panorama of the inside-outside feeling that we are trying to create – an L-shaped pool enters the living room – the sound of water soothes and even exclaims. The artifact of the house is the staircase which responds to the clients passion for the arts – it functions as a staircase, a ledge for artwork, a bookshelf, a seating, a clock, a buffet table – it is all about entertaining in this household. The interplay of heights and the creation of multi-purpose spaces are in the agenda since this is not the main house there is a fun way of exploration. Bathrooms are quirky and innovation choreographing water – weather it is about “Alice in Wonderland”, an inspiration of the smoke while lighting a cigarette (a vision of the contemplative artist as if Mies Van Der Rohe photographs it at its very obsessive nature), epitome of cascading or bending spaces – this is a house of experimentation – where everyday the chair has coffee in different nooks, that artworks talk at each other in different floors, and that tables become an area of meeting, lounging, eating and conversations of the elicit kind.


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