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The concept of this 101-room resort hotel is all about the views of the sea. As you enter this grand ramp entrance, you see wonderful views of the ocean in the main lobby. The building is made up of three interconnected blocks that is stacked forming this boomerang shaped plan. This boomerang shaped plan was carefully formed by considering the existing trees in the area so there is very minimal environmental impact and the height of the building just sits like a pillow in a sea of coconuts. The rooms were oriented to get good vantage points of this long stretch 15km of beach. The second-floor infinity pool which is the executive floor was placed to bask in the sun and to create a dramatic guest experience. The building design was inspired by “vintas” – it is a traditional boat from the Philippine island of Mindanao. Originally it has a sail of assorted vertical colors that represents the colorful culture and history of the region but what we created was our own abstract representation. Those structural portals made of concrete are shaped like “vinta” that follow a certain air path. These vinta structural columns are monumental and lighted at night – and some functions as well as daybeds, seating, bar area also areas of play. With these different gradiance of vinta type of pilotis – it creates lots of area for lounging, playing, and creates an interface of air, light and flow. The materiality of the concrete are sanded down and put a waterproof sealer so the building has that tactile quality as if it was part of nature and becomes a sort of artefact. The building blurs the boundary between nature and artefact and it becomes a space that goes within the natural fabric of the site.


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