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A nice cliff lot with lots of unnecessary restrictions – this is a typical dilemma for designers with villages who have strict themes or building regulations. I think in the future – developers should re-think regulations to create individuality than popularity/copy-paste mentality inspired by the Western World.

In a more positive light and fast-track few more years – this was a house designed for the water-lovers. This house was all about creating a picture-perfect view of this water horizon line that spans almost the size of Monaco. This 3 km stretch of South China Sea overlooking the Fortune Island is the most breathtaking view. From the outside it is very static – clients wanting privacy but as you enter the gate – a floating rhythmic framing staircase structure made of concrete invites you – it is kind of claustrophobic and re-creating an experience of mountain-climbing – once you open the main door there is a bit of a surprise because of the hill shaped lot you don’t expect that as you enter you see a big open sea vista of the water. Interiors are clean using Italian Calcutta marble, large sofas from Flexform, natural stone kitchen and a big slab of natural wood as dining table – the swimming pool is the highlight as it jots out into the sea – a cantilevered pool emulating an infinity pool with lots of communal spaces for barbeque, lounging and entertainment. The master’s bedroom was specifically tilted so every morning when they wake up they see this amazing sea view – even one of the corridor hallways has a picture-view that exactly focuses on the Fortune Island. This careful and deliberate act of views are evident in the design of the house – also looking at ventilation issues where main living room roof has air exit ducts so hot air can go out and its too high for mosquitos to enter the house. This is a house that works with nature and even existing trees where built around the house and even rocks from the digging become part of landscape.



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